Monday, December 18, 2006

Surge this!

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If you had any delusions that the dems were different than the repugs, then behold:
Excerpt: Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Sunday he would support a temporary troop increase in Iraq only if it were part of a broader strategy to bring combat forces home by early 2008.
When CLEARLY the intent of and will of the voters was to get OUT of Iraq.

So, if you thought that I was going to calm down and stop pissing and moaning about Congress because "our side" won, you have another thing coming. There is no "our side" when it comes to these guys. It's only "us" and "them," "them" being the corporate interests and "us" being, well, everybody else. "They" will always side with big business. "They" will always decide in favor of money over people. "They" are worthless.

If this Congress doesn't stop taking money from the corporatists, doesn't stop the war, doesn't arrest the Bush cabal, doesn't reinstitute and reestablish strong social policies, we should march on Washington, shackle the lot of them and throw them into the prisons they so lovingly (and profitably) built.

I know. It's the holidays and I should be joyous and shopping and cooking and cleaning. And I AM doing all of those things (except for the shopping part), yet there's this little itch in the back of my brain... and no, it's not my scar. Something is telling me that this will all end badly (Or well, if you're an anarchist!) because the system is broken. REALLY broken. And the dems have six months to convince us that it's not.

Though, I'm not holding my breath.


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