Thursday, January 11, 2007

Benedict Lieberman

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What can you say about the guy except that he's worthless.
Excerpt: I asked the Senator whether he thinks he can hold the Senate Republicans together in light of opposition to the president's plan, not just from the usual suspects but from folks like Norm Coleman and others who represent states where the war in especially unpopular. McConnell said he was "hopeful" of keeping enough Republicans to muster the 40 votes needed to block a resolution (which in any case would be non-binding). McConnell added that he looks forward to the support of Sen. Lieberman. However, he could not say that any other Democrats will join the Connecticut Senator.
Great. The GOP plans to fillibuster any much-needed legislation decreasing war funding and it will happen because of Joe Lieberman.

If I lived in Connectictut, my head would be exploding right now.


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