Thursday, January 04, 2007

What's this all about then?

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Negroponte is moving over to the second seat at State?
Excerpt: John D. Negroponte, whom President Bush installed less than two years ago as the first director of national intelligence, will soon leave his post to become the State Department’s second-ranking official, administration officials said Wednesday.
I don't know enough to 'get it', but according to this dKos diarist, it could either be a move by GH to firm up control of his son's out-of-control presidency or Condi has finally been deemed too incompetent for her job and Negroponte knows he's not really deputy but acting secretary. Whatever the reason, just having Negroponte around gives me the creeps.

Update: Wayne Madsen has another theory:
Excerpt: The word from the State Department is that incoming Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte will oversee an "embedded" unit of private contractors who are preparing for an attack against Iran. Although the Baker-Hamilton Commission called for dialogue with both Iran and Syria over the Iraq Civil War and quagmire the neo-cons foisted on the U.S. military, the Bush administration appears intent on confronting Iran militarily.
Madsen is probably right, in combo with the dKos guy. Negroponte is better able to handle a sort of "death squad" then Condi is.


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