Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Guest Post on 9/11 Truth

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I asked him to write up something because of the recent hullabaloo with regards to the premature BBC and CNN reports about the WTC7 coming down.

(Must-read: the BBC's "the dog ate my report" excuse. Priceless.)

Guest post:
To My Fellow Citizens in N.Y. and on the 'net:

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the lies of 9/11/01 are putrid and are finally getting the sunshine they so desperately deserve. Folks must immediately acquaint themselves with the breaking news that news reporters were given information that WTC7 had collapsed and reported that info up to one hour before the actual event. The question arises(and it is one hell of a question) who gave that info to the network feeds and based on what verification? I strongly urge all citizens of this planet and New Yorkers in particular to go to, Alex Jones' website, or and follow this dramatic breaking story. I repeat that this is not fluff, this is for real.

New Yorkers in particular are in the unique position of being able to demand accountability for these conspiracies to cover up crime. It is in your city and amongst your friends and love ones that much of this took place. Now is not the time for complacency. You must get a firm grip on what is transpiring by learning as much as you can. Then you must download the footage and present it to anyone in a position to mount an inquiry. The perpetrators of the cover up are running around scott-free now and are completely capable of causing more mayhem. You must act!

It is not easy to fathom the implications of all that we are witnessing but I assure you that justice is far preferable to a festering national wound that will lead to the catastrophic illness and failure of the country at large( feel free to extrapolate inferences to the world at large.)

I have been a foot soldier in 9/11 truth for years now. Believe me when I tell you that I wish the truth, that arrives by the truckload everyday, were not so brutal. I have plenty of other things to do with my time than to spend hour upon hour on the computer. Yet I was born in a country where the founders admonished us to protect democracy and freedom at all costs. They told us to be wary of situations just like this.

Let us all stand shoulder to shoulder and demand the truth...from the BBC, CNN, our so-called leaders, Congress, district and states attorneys and your fellow Americans that have not been awakened yet. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Global Patriot Worker


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