Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I did not know this....

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Of course, anyone with half a brain knows that Cheney is the puppet master behind this entire administration. (And as Josh Marshall suggests, it might even equate to a sort of coup d'etat) But what I didn't know is this little tidbit I got from my uncle:
I told [my son] that [Cheney was the boss and not Bush] about convention time, 2000. The original Axis of Evil: Cheney, Rumsfeld & Wolfey, supported by a cast of neo-cons and suck-ups. # Speaking of Cheney, etc, did you know that in 1975, Pres Ford was advised to put a "surge" of troops into Saigon to bolster the city? And who advised him to do that? Why, no one less than Cheney and Rummy! 1975?? The North Vietnamese were hours away from the presidential palace in Saigon! Does anybody care? Does no one read history? Oh well. 'Nite


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