Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Sailboat Blogging

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What makes a sailor? Well like any crime it takes means, motive and opportunity. In my case, my Dad had a bit o' means. My motive was an inexplicable love of sailing ships and their history, even tho I was from a landlocked state. The opportunity was an ad for Kool cigarettes that offered a styrofoam Snark for $100 (with proof of purchase boxtops, just like cereal;-)

For my colleague oscar wilde it was a burning dingy on a beach. He rescued it, fitted it out, and sailed the hell out of it.

With pilots, you can at least say 'we are plane crazy.' With sailors, you can't even add the 'plane.'

Countdown to Spring launch: T minus 35 days and counting (desperately, desperately counting.)


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