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Cynical Dirt Bag Rethugs, "Just Say No"

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Just when you think the republic party couldn't possibly sink any lower, couldn't possibly be more dishonest, couldn't possibly be more corrupt, couldn't possibly care less about America and Americans, and couldn't possibly do more damage to the country, there comes this recounting of a speech by Grover Norquist (IMO the very worst of a bad lot of people) delivered at the Conservative Political Action Conference as reported by ThinkProgress. There Norquist said:

NORQUIST: Nothing good happens in the next two years out of this Congress. Nothing good.…If you read in the newspaper that there’s a bill with a nice sounding name, and it sounds in the first sentence like the bill is good, you haven’t read the whole bill.…Nothing good happens. They’re not going to cut taxes.…(APPLAUSE)…Look, get married, develop a hobby, learn to belly dance, learn to golf — you know, we got two years free, but we gotta spend some time and effort playing defense here.…Because the Democrats are going to be like young men on prom dates — they’re gonna keep asking the same question of us over and over and over again. And our job is to say “no, no, no, no” for two years.…It doesn’t do us any good to go “no, no, yes” okay? It has to be “no” for two years in a row. It’s going to be tiresome, it’s going to be boring. People are gonna go, “oh maybe this bill isn’t as bad as it looks.” Don’t eat it, don’t swallow it, don’t touch it. Nothing good passes this Congress.…Plan for the future and read novels.

So now, after the biggest "Do Nothing" congress in the history of America, the rubber-stamping 109th, here is one of the most influential founders of the conservative movement playing Nancy Reagan – perhaps he should have appeared in a skirt – echoing from the past the mantra, "Just Say No".

But of course Norquist, as is plain, was not talking about anything noble like combatting drug use, in fact he had no noble purpose at all.

His motives are to continue the evil of the "conservative party" that has, and continues to be a cancer on American politics, and his remarks should prove once and for all that the GOP has absolutely no interest in actually improving the country, only the most base and vile motive of obstructing the 110th congress at every turn in hopes the people grow disillusioned with the Democratic Party and give majorities in the House and Senate back to Republicans.

And even getting Republicans reelected is not for any noble purpose or high ideals based on simple disagreement as to what is best for the country, it is to continue the raping and pillaging of America, to be the ruin of representative democracy by making the GOP the dominate party in American through presidential abuses of the Constitution, further reducing the rights of all citizens, continuation of eternal war, spying and accumulating secret dossiers on every citizen in the country, making provisions to declare martial law, and to finally get to use nuclear weapons to finish conquering the world.

"Nothing good happens in the next two years out of this Congress.…", he says. "…our job is to say “no, no, no, no” for two years.…It doesn’t do us any good to go “no, no, yes” okay? It has to be “no” for two years in a row.…", he says. "…Nothing good passes this Congress.…", he says.

Well, I say that if this is the stated purpose of the so-called "Conservatives" that each and every one of them have no right to claim to be responsible citizens while playing obstructionists in congress just to make Democratic Senators and Representatives look as bad as the 109th "Biggest Do Nothing Congress in American History" did.

It is well-established after this bush maladministration that while the GOP loves the idea of running government, they are totally incompetent, lack the knowledge, and plainly don't give a rat's a$$ about actually governing.

Their glaringly lack of concern for the troops, our children living in poverty, 45-million without health insurance, Medicare and Social Security, a return to diplomacy instead of eternal war, and the overall welfare of each and every American is becoming legendary, infamously so. Just ask any resident of New Orleans.

"The GOP doesn't care about anything but self-enrichment at the expense of all Americans and have sacrificed any right to claim they actually care about America. It is the worst political entity in the history of the world," I say, and I challenge and defy any GOP member to read Norquist's words and deny that.

I would further add that Grover Norquist is the biggest pile of crap extant today. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

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