Friday, March 02, 2007

Your papers, Citizen.

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While the recently released DHS requirements for a national ID card is freightingly reminiscent of a totalitarian state,
Excerpt: States must start issuing the new internal passports by May 2008, or else their citizens will not be able to board planes or enter federal courthouses.
Most people aren't in a tizzy over this since most states can extend the deadline to 2010, which is far enough in the American psyche's future to not create a fuss now. But people SHOULD be in a tizzy.

What have we learned about our government? We've learned that if they can't get what they want by going through the front door, they figure out a way to slip it in the back door. Mark my words, there WILL be a national ID card and it will happen sooner than later. Somehow, someway, the State will make it too difficult to exist WITHOUT such an ID card and everyone will get one just so they don't have to deal with the hassle. Sure, you'll be able to get through an internal checkpoint with an old-fashioned driver's license, but you'll also have to have certified copies of your birth certificate, your high school diploma, your medical records and your most recent credit report on you as well.


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