Friday, March 02, 2007

Just ask Rummy!

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Veteran Care to Be Reviewed After Firing of General

President Bush has ordered a top-to-bottom investigation into the medical care available to returning veterans, the White House said today, a day after the firing of the two-star general in charge of Walter Reed Army Medical Center over shabby conditions there.
So Bush is shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out how egregious conditions are at Walter Reed. That's funny because, (as Bill has noted), former SecDef Rumsfeld's wife knew.
Joyce Rumsfeld, the wife of then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, was taken to Walter Reed by a friend concerned about outpatient treatment.… Rumsfeld asked one of the staff members whether she thought that the soldiers her husband was meeting on his visits had been handpicked to paint a rosy picture of their time there. The answer was yes
When Walter Reed officials found out that Rumsfeld had visited, they told the friend who brought her -- a woman who had volunteered there many times -- that she was no longer welcome on the grounds.
They've known since 2003. The Republicans heard it in hearings in 2005. Rummy's wife knew in 2006. And yet only now is Bush calling for hearings.

This is how they 'support' our troops.


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