Sunday, March 11, 2007

Independence Day

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We don't generally get involved in blog fights. They just don't seem important when our soldiers are dying in a war founded on lies, when corruption at the highest levels is being given a pass by the media, when wounded veterans can't get health care, when the Bush regime has successfully made so many assaults on our Constitution.

But recently some very popular, (and mainstream media featured), blogs have performed a blogroll*ectomy that has resulted in blogs being removed from their sites as if they were parasites and not the benign cysts most of us are.

It really doesn't matter to vidiotspeak because we don't accept advertising and we don't ask for donations for what we do. But lots of denizens of blogtopia (y, wksctp!**) need those links. Their traffic is high enough that they need those revenues to pay for the bandwidth. And when they were removed it hurt them financially.

So we are happy to say hello to the Independent Bloggers' Alliance and proud to have them listed in our Link Exchange.

Blogging isn't a zero sum game. We don't subtract from one site when we add another, we expand the chorus calling for change.

And every voice, whether in posts or comments, adds to that chorus. We can make a difference. We have made a difference. We will continue to make a difference. But only if we continue our commitment (and links) to each other.

* FYI: A 'blogroll' is the list of sites a blog links to, generally it is in the right or left gutter of a blog. e.g. we keep ours to starboard under headings like 'Here are some excellent blogs' and 'Link Exchange.'

** Yes, we know skippy coined that phrase!


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