Monday, March 12, 2007

Talking Head Sunday

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Mr. Vidiot asked me why I liked to watch those dumb Sunday morning talk shows, since I obviously don't enjoy them. My answer was something like "because I enjoy getting pissed off by them??" Though, honestly, it's really hard for me to hear much of what's being said since most of the time, Mr. Vidiot is muttering under HIS breath "Because I like to talk about the issues." He says that over and over, every time someone says something "Because I like to talk about the issues." At one point, after like the 50th time of hearing "Because I like to talk about the issues" he stopped and looked me and asked "Do YOU know what the issues are?" and I had to honestly say "no". When you watch those things, they really don't talk about much and the issues the discuss aren't really issues at all, but rather, they're just sort of pieces of a larger puzzle. The whole puzzle of course is just too much for our little minds to comprehend, but the pieces don't actually fit that larger puzzle anyway. So, you know, like, whateverrrr.

Another show I used to like is the Bill Maher show on HBO. But I'm not too impressed with it anymore. Just doesn't do "it" for me like it used to. (Except for his "new rules." I do like the "new rules.") Anyway, a friend of my mom's sent his observation on the most recent show:
After watching the Bill Maher show on HBO last Friday evening, I found it absolutely amazing and hypocritical (what else is new) of the top three Republicans running for the presidential bid. Maher pointed out that:

McCain has had two wives.

Gingrich has had three wives (and an intern on the side - LOL!)

Guliani has had three wives and evidently likes to dress in drag. Maher showed the pictures! LOL!

Total: 8 wives here for three men and the remaining leader for president, Mormon Milt Romney only one wife, which is rather ironic with the past and present history of polygamy in the Mormon church!

Amazing that the Republicans (fat Karl Rove especially) were so worried about the sanctity of heterosexual marriage here and their election ploy to use gay marriage as an issue. What hypocrites!

Also on that same show, I had to laugh when Rosanne Barr said the reason the Republicans were so obsessed with Monica Lewinsky was the fact that she was a girl!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, now where is that Republican guy (Oh yes Mark Foley) from Florida and the pages? Guess he is still in rehab. Maybe he should have gone to the same three week rehab course in heterosexuality as the most Rev Ted Haggard for the expedited cure into straight land? Praise Jesus!

No one could even write better material than this.
Thanks EB.


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