Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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Leak Prompts Fear Over World Bank [reproductive] Health Policies

Juan José Daboub, the bank’s managing director, ordered staff to remove all references to family planning from its country assistance programme document for Madagascar. Mr Daboub is the former finance minister of El Salvador and a member of the Arena party, which has close ties to the Catholic church.
specific targets relating to contraception were also deleted. The original draft committed the bank to work to increase contraception uptake from 14% as of 2004 to 20%. The final document contained no goal.
In the past, the World Bank has championed the sexual and reproductive rights of women, which are considered by most in international development as critical to their health, status and economic progress.
Paul Wolfowitz, the bank's president, has also claimed there is no change
Gee, would that be the same Wolfowitz who was the feces flinger of the Iraq war, (sorry, architect is much to grand to use for this fiasco), the same Wolfowitz who vowed to banish corruption in the World Bank, the same Wolfowitz who dictated his girlfriend gets a job in the Department of Defense and then transferred her to the State department and dictated to the World Bank that she should make more money working for the State Department than the Sec of State Condi Rice gets!?

Yes officer, that's the guy.

BTW, pity that poor woman whose salary jumped from only $132,000 and was forced, against her will, to be 'victimized' by a pay raise to $193,000.

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