Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Well, well well.

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Iran called Washington and UK's bluff. Good for them. By releasing the 15 service personnel, unharmed and happy it seems, they've basically wiped out any reason for anyone to bomb them.. for now. Ha. I love the CNN heads saying how "happy" and "relieved" the administration is. What's really being said, I suspect, is "Dammit. We had them where we wanted them. Now what?"

Meanwhile, up here in Canada (on a little trip) we're freezing our rears off. It's still winter here. How do these people survive such a long winter? We've seen some walking around in t-shirts and we think it's just because it's above freezing and well, to them, that's downright balmy.

Overall, I have to say Quebec is lovely. The people are really nice and friendly. And my high-school French is practically worthless. At least I had high-school French though. Mr. Vidiot is Spanish and he keeps trying to pronounce the last letters in their words over here. Nobody can figure out what he's trying to say


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