Sunday, May 27, 2007

In Memoriam

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Note: this is a repeat of last year's post. I'm not just being lazy, I found that I couldn't say it any better.

It's Memorial Day and the unnecessary deaths from friendly fire, bad political decisions, poor equipment ... have nothing to do with the soldiers who died. Those conditions have been inherent in war since war began. And especially so in the wars that started with lies. Just in my lifetime: 'Gulf Of Tonkin Incident'; 'Grenada Was Taken Over By Communists'; 'Iraq Has WMDs and We Know Where They Are' were all lies.

But the people who died because of these lies did not die for these lies. They died for their fellows, they died for their country, they died for us.

This is why we should remember them every day, not just between brats (edible and sired) on this day, but because regardless of the lies, the coverups, the sheer incompetence that put them in harm's way to begin with, they were doing it for us.



At 4:21 PM, Blogger D.R. Scott said...

Ain't being lazy.

It's just that some folks are so stupid, you have to repeat yourself.

And Republicans ain't deaf, they're stupid. So you have to repeat yourself. Next time, you'll probably have to raise your voice.

The time after that, try going upside their head with a two by four.

After that?

I dunno. Impeachment?

(Pay me a visit. I think we're in the same church, just different pews)


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