Friday, May 25, 2007

The worthless Dems

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The vote on the bill that threw money at bush's war with no strings attached is not unexpected. The reasons being batted about are the usual however.
Excerpt: Why did the Democrats capitulate?

Because they lack the courage of their convictions. Because they fear the consequences if they put their antiwar beliefs into practice. Because they are afraid if they defund the war and force President Bush to withdraw U.S. troops, the calamity he predicts will come to pass and they will be held accountable for losing Iraq and the strategic disaster that might well ensue.
Yes. According to Pat Buchanan, it's happened because the democrats are cowards. Which is wrong, of course.

The democrats aren't cowards. In fact, I could ably argue that they are completely the opposite. Do you know how brave they must be to KNOWINGLY go against public sentiment? To go against the perceived mandate of the the 2006 election? To risk their incumbency because this vote will certainly cause them to lose their jobs? I'd say that was pretty brave.

See? I told you I could argue it. Doesn't make it the right answer though.

The right answer is the following:

The democrats and the republicans are one in the same. They are both products of the corptocracy. They are both extensions of the military machine. The imagined differences between the two parties are only superficial and cosmetic. Not until we get rid of the whole system--the money, the lobbyist, the power of politics--only then will be able to have a system that works. Kos is wrong here. He says
Excerpt: I have news for you guys -- this won't be the last disappointment we'll ever suffer. Heck, politics is about perpetually fighting battles, and no one -- no one -- has an undefeated record.
Endlessly fighting battles. Yeah. That's the solution.

The system needs to be destroyed. The sooner we except that fact, the sooner we'll have what we need.

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