Monday, May 21, 2007

Precedent and Prediliction for Presidential Putz bush

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By now every sentient being outside the 28% that still support bush knows for a fact that bush does not know how to handle criticism, especially when it comes from a former president, nuclear engineer, and former sub commander, all things bush can never even aspire to as he lacks the intelligence and courage to put himself in harm's way to defend this country or directly respond to critics or attempt to follow well-given advice or do anything else except to send out the attack dogs.

From the Huffington Post, regarding the White House response to criticism over the weekend by former President Carter:
In a biting rebuke, the White House on Sunday dismissed former President Jimmy Carter as "increasingly irrelevant" after his harsh criticism of President Bush.…Carter was quoted Saturday as saying "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history."…The Georgia Democrat said Bush had overseen an "overt reversal of America's basic values" as expressed by previous administrations, including that of his own farther, former President George H.W. Bush. "I think it's sad that President Carter's reckless personal criticism is out there," White House spokesman Tony Fratto responded Sunday from Crawford, where Bush spent the weekend.…"I think it's unfortunate," Fratto said. "And I think he is proving to be increasingly irrelevant with these kinds of comments."…Carter made the comments to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in a story that appeared in the newspaper's Saturday editions.…Carter spokeswoman Deanna Congileo confirmed his comments to The Associated Press on Saturday and declined to elaborate.…
Former President Carter is a far, far, better, smarter, kinder, more compassionate, and more caring person than bush will ever be, as bush only dreams his dreams of being the "unitary executive" rather than being an effective president for the people of America.

President Carter is something very rare nowadays – a true gentleman, a patriot, and a true statesman, and even bush cannot dismiss Carter's well-known statesmanship in service to this country and the world, so rather than respond directly, Fearful Leader bush sends out his little irrelevant yappy attack dogs, as bush is not courageous enough to respond to President Carter directly and get laughed off the stage.

Bush is in a virtual revolt against the American citizens he was initially appointed to represent, continues to pursue a reckless and feckless war of aggression to steal a country's oil, and is earnestly trying to provoke a third war with Iran while losing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Former President Carter is a genuinely decent, honest, and intelligent man that so outclasses bush that bush is not even on the same playing field, much less "in the game" and trying to lead America to prosperity instead of despotism.

Is it possible he has played and imagined himself king too long to be man enough to respond to his critics directly? Or has he always been a coward and pretender?

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