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Republican's 19th Nervous Breakdown-Spreading Blame, Shame, and the Game

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Think the Republicans aren't scared spitless of the '08 elections? Look no further than this article at the Huffington Post:
[subtitled: GOP: Bush Should Adopt Bipartisan Plan] Several Republican senators Tuesday called for President Bush to implement a new war strategy based on recommendations by the Iraq Study Group, which advocated winding down the U.S. combat mission.…"The president needs bipartisan support if the United States is to sustain a long-term position in Iraq," said Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn.…The message that must be sent to the president is, "Let's see if we can agree on an entire approach so you can have the kind of support you need," he said.…The proposal indicates mounting frustration in Congress with the politically unpopular war as lawmakers head into the 2008 elections.…The study group released its recommendations six months ago, only to receive a tepid response from the White House and Congress alike. Now, several new Republicans have stepped forward to endorse it, including two Bush loyalists close to GOP leadership, Sens. Robert Bennett of Utah and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire.…
This is so obviously a "share-the-blame and shame" game play, instead of any attempt at genuine partisanship, that a blind fool can see it.

After all these years of the bush "my way or the highway" and meetings between bush, religious right activists, reporters (or, rather, stenographers), think tank groups, radio personalities and god knows who else (with the White House records now classified), including Republican reps and senators to the EXCLUSION of all democrats or democratic leaders in congress and now, only now, with the surge failing, poll ratings for rethugs dropping like a stone, and elections upcoming, the bush Iraqi Fiasco Team now wants a "bipartisan plan" for the war. R-i-i-i-i-g-h-t.

Anyone believing such tripe is among the 28% constituting bush's base and certainly not considering the idiocy of asking to spread the blame and shame before the next election, which will end the game, after years and years of exclusion of dems in any matter having to do with planning and execution of war plans.

It bears repeating:
The Republicans started the Iraq War. They went to war based upon some of the most egregious lies in history. Through their negligence and incompetency many thousands of troops were needlessly wounded or killed because of Republican policy and failure of planning. The rethugs have resisted and stopped through parliamentary tricks every single attempt by dems to end or limit the war. The rethugs have broken the mightiest fighting force the world has ever seen, managed to bust our budget more than at any time in history, and has turned much of the world against America. The rethugs wanted to and did torture suspects, both real and imagined terrorists, and shamed us before the world.

They started it.
They planned it.
They executed their plan.
They continue war-making against the will of the people.
They own this war lock, stock, and barrel.
They are losing the war.
They appointed a fall guy…uh…czar.

Now they transparently want to incorporate democrats into their folly in order to spread the blame and the shame for what they've done. ("Well, everything was going great until those damned democrats joined in the planning of our bipartisan plan for success. They caused America to lose the war.)

Anyone still wondering why they now want a "bipartisan plan" to be able to allege democratic participation and, thereafter, share or pass on the blame and shame to democrats?

Didn't think so.

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