Friday, July 13, 2007

Think outside the box

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It’s so hard to blog when so much is appalling. The Sailor and Bill Arnett are always able to write something worth reading. I have no idea how they pick just one thing. I find one thing to write about and BAM!, I find ten others that really twist my knickers and I just throw up my arms in frustration and start reading about UFOs or something.

Too little is right these days. Or rather, I should say, nothing is settling me.

I had a microglimmer of hope with the whole Michael Moore on CNN thing. He was angry and I loved it. But then I watched him on Larry King and he just rolled over and let Gupta scratch his belly. Gupta came away from it smelling like roses and Moore just looked like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. Honestly, if Mr. Moore wants to really start winning arguments, he has to stop dealing with the other side’s arguments altogether. Basically, all Gupta had to do was question one number and he was able to marginalize everything else Moore said. That’s not discourse. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not discourse. Moore should be trying to raise the level of discourse. Now is his chance.
Dream sequence:

GUPTA: Your number was wrong here.

MOORE: That’s not the point and you know it. The point is that our healthcare system is immoral. It is immoral to have profit in healthcare. Nobody should make money off cancer. Corporations should not have this much control over our lives.
And so on. You get my point. Don’t address their stupid talking points because they are only a diversion. Don’t give them credibility by arguing with them.

Meanwhile, we have a president who basically admits that yeah, someone in his administration leaked Valerie Plame’s name, and well, that’s that, let’s move on. There were no follow-up questions about his pledge to punish the leaker. None. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what the public thinks. He never has. He continues to link Iraq with 9/11, even if indirectly. No matter how you do it, it’s a lie. He’s still lying. And he will continue to lie. He knows he’s all-powerful. He’s the ruling elite and the rest of us are bugs. Of course they don’t care.

They don’t care how many get killed in Iraq, Iran, or for that matter how many will get killed here. They don’t care. It’s not them. It’s not their families or friends. I’m not even sure it’s about money. But it’s definitely about power. They are perfect examples of what creates our system and how our system is created. And most see nothing wrong with that.

Again, by dealing with them on their terms, by addressing their issues using their rules, NOTHING will change. NOTHING.

What has this world become by following THEIR rules?

A 9-year old girl put on her flip-flop sandals. She goes to the airport because she’s getting on a plane. The security people insist she must put her flip flops in the X-ray machine and they want her to walk through the metal detector in her bare feet. Her father starts yelling “My 9-year-old daughter IS NOT going to walk on this filthy floor in her bare feet. She’s 9-years-old for Christ’s sake!” Which, at that point, the big security guys come over to MAKE the little girl walk through the detector in her bare feet while her father accuses the security people of being the real terrorist. (He’s lucky he wasn’t the one getting on the plane or else he would’ve DEFINITELY had a cavity search and a missed flight.)


Going broke from medical bills? Unable to afford medical care to begin with?


“Representatives” in Congress refusing to arrest and impeach those that have so obviously broken the law?


Home going into foreclosure? Home lost to eminent domain abuse? Rent bumped up again?


Wars, torture, greed, marginalization, oppression, police-state tactics, death, destruction?


Do we really want to stick to following their rules?

Is anyone else sick and tired of this nonsense?

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