Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A New Low for Snow And Boy, Does He Blow

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Of all the lies and stupid statements to issue forth from the vast oral cavity of former Faux Noise stenographer, Tony Snow, it is sometimes almost impossible to distinguish which lie is the biggest or most stupid or ignorant or unbelievable or just plain full of sh*t.

I therefore wish to emphatically state that this latest line about Iraq takes the Academy Award for Idiotic Nonsense They Know No One is Going to Believe.

I try not to allow my personal animosity towards a guy willing to lie the country day-after-day for jerk-offs like bush/cheney show, so I'll just cite the lie, make an observation, and let you decide. From the Huffington Post:
A Bush administration report to Congress citing a lack of progress by the Baghdad government is "a look at the starting line" of the U.S. troop surge and shouldn't be used by critics to demand withdrawal, a White House spokesman said Tuesday.

"What Congress will get this week is a snapshot of the beginning of the retooling of the mission in Iraq," said Tony Snow, who defended the administration's war policy and argued that it's too soon to be talking about end-game strategies.

"Some of the benchmarks have been made, some of them haven't," he said. Snow confirmed the coming report would say that Iraq has not met all the benchmarks set for it. The nature of the report was revealed earlier to The Associated Press by a senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity.[…]

Snow had sought Monday to lower expectations on the report, contending that all of the additional troops had just gotten in place and it would be unrealistic to expect major progress by now.

"You are not going to expect all the benchmarks to be met at the beginning of something," Snow said. "I'm not sure everyone's going to get an `A' on the first report."
So there you have it. The reason we haven't achieved any of our goals in Iraq is that until just two weeks ago, just two weeks ago, the U.S. didn't have enough people there so we can start fighting! Anyone believing that, after four disastrous years of futilely trying to get control of the oil, would obviously be a damned fool or a raving lunatic or a presidential press secretary.

You pick.

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