Monday, July 09, 2007

The Ultimate "Screw You" Given to Rule of Law by Fearful Leader bush

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Y'know, it really doesn't matter of what political persuasion you may be, what political party you belong to, whatever causes that you might pursue whether personal, business, or pleasure. It matters not if you are trained or simply innately able to figure out things by yourself, and it certainly is not necessary for anyone to be trained in the law to recognize the incalculable damage done by the presidential commutation of the sentence of Scooter Libby. Damages each and every one of us can easily understand once the consequences have been laid out for us.

The "Rule of Law" that Republicans used to pretend to honor required that Scooter be given a good, stiff sentence for one singular purpose:
Aside from perjury, a serious enough crime as it is, Scooter was convicted of obstruction of justice, which screams for the perpetrator of the obstruction to be given a good stiff sentence so that the guilty party will finally have an incentive to talk and reveal the identities of each and every co-conspirator and testify as to the involvement of those co-conspirators in order to then apply for a reduced sentence.

Mr. bush has deliberately commuted the stiff sentence of Scooter Libby to further protect others in the White House involved with outing a spy, a very serious crime Atty Fitzgerald could not pursue due to Libby's obstructions.

These other criminals will walk free and perhaps further damage America with other acts of perfidy through the auspices of a Chief Executive that puts loyalty to party and cronies ahead of the welfare of America.

The rest of the villains involved are now absolutely guaranteed anonymity and freedom from fear of prosecution because Scooter's last incentive to talk, a lengthy prison term, has now vanished.

Whether it is "lawful" or within "presidential prerogatives" or not, the action taken by bush has the absolute effect of killing any further chance of uncovering whom and how many were involved in this obstruction of justice, and I therefore can only conclude that bush reacted out fear and self-preservation concerns, and not the stupidly phony reasons spouted by bush/Libby and others in the maladministration most likely guilty of obstruction of justice.

Which the king will never allow his serfs to learn of. If bush doesn't serve the country, his constituents, or the citizens of America, why the devil did he ever want to become president?

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