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To The American Free Press and the American People on the Fourth of July 2007

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I begin this missive admittedly in a state of utter rage. Can we as Americans truly gaze out from our familiar front porches and honestly admit that everything is OK in America.

The Republican Party has transformed itself from a party honoring the time tested principles of small government, fiscal responsibility and basic decency into a bloated out-of-control power matrix capable of any atrocity against this nation. What Republican voters are voting for is cartoon that looks a little more like Darth Vader than Deputy Dog!

It is time for Americans of all stripes to recognize the aforementioned gang of accomplices for what they are and vote all of them to the side of the road. That does not mean that new and honest faces of the Republican stripe will not come to the fore or that equally bloated and self-centered Democrats won’t have to leave. It simply means that it is time to lift the gigantic rug that constitutes the American political landscape and go out into a stiff wind and shake it with all of our collective might. The kind of creatures that will fall out and scurry under rocks will be frightening.

Protecting the precious words of our Constitution and the rule of law are our guideposts. The soldiers that have suffered or died defending it in all wars are asking for our help right now. All soldiers swear to defend this nation against enemies foreign and domestic. We are fraught with enemies of the domestic variety now and they inhabit the highest positions of government. All of you boomers out there, male and female, who did not serve in Vietnam ( I know plenty of you did not, myself included,) have a chance now to serve your country in a time of need. Young people can now serve without having to be drafted. Older folks who have already paid their dues now have a chance to reengage democracy. Here is what you can do:

1. Make sure you are registered to vote and follow the guidelines to the letter.

2. Educate yourself on the positions of the candidates and vote with all of your heart.

3. Insist on accountability at all times and all levels.

4. Stay in touch with your representatives constantly even if it takes a lot of time. Get

to know them. Be vocal and add constructive content.

5. Take part in protests that have merit, be they union actions, issue actions or awareness

actions. Be seen and be heard, for that is America at its best.

6. Learn to use a computer and research the news. Mainstream media is dead in this

country. You are not getting all of the information you need to be a good American.

7. Reread the Bill of Rights in case you don’t know what you are in danger of losing.

Inaction has consequences.

The news of the past few days makes all of the above information critical. Lewis “Scooter” Libby has been let off the hook for having to pay for his multiple felonies, thus protecting the President and amplifying his role in the entire mess. I seriously doubt you or I, as lower class Americans, would be granted such consideration. The Vice President has declared himself to be his own branch of government to avoid oversight on numerous questionable activities. Joe Lieberman bloviates endlessly about our need to start another war with a military that is already overstretched. Fear is everywhere. One would think six years after 9/11 we would not have to live in a state of perpetual fear. I personally am with FDR….”We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” I’m sick and tired of it.

Let’s “grab the bull by the hornsAmerica. Let’s finally and conclusively find out what really happened on 9/11. The questions are real, dramatic and positively frustrating. Let’s relegate the confrontation of terrorism to the arena of law enforcement where it belongs. Let’s do it within the guidelines of the Constitution. Let’s stop the dismantling of America through treaties that undermine our sovereignty. Let’s enforce our borders (the law) while respecting the historical, geographical and cultural ties with our southern neighbors. By the way…impeachment is never off the table, not in this democracy! I could go on and on.

The bottom line is that America must realize that when the top four news items are about ice cream, sexy people, flowers and clothes, we are being duped. There are definitely important things happening out there and they are not being reported or investigated. It is not The Soviet Union and Pravda yet. We still have time but we must wake up. Realize that all of the dynamics have changed even though the view from your front porch looks the same.

If we all hold a corner of the rug, all 300 million of us, and shake like hell, things will happen. Nothing will change and things will get much worse if we sit idly by.

Happy Fourth of July,



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