Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Word About Dog-fighting and Those Heartless Bastids Who Participate in It

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Michael Vick is a sick, sick, cruel, heartless, I'm-too-rich-to-care bastid who cravenly tortures helpless animals that he has sought out for illegal purposes. Vick engaged in dog-fighting, the torture of dogs by hanging them up alive to be killed in target practice with guns, and starving and abusing dogs to make them mean enough and insane enough to fight to the death any other animal to which the dog is exposed.

Michael Vick should be kicked out of the National Football League and condemned roundly by every American athlete. There should NOT be any amnesty, plea bargain, or the use of any other device to hide the truth about this very sick man or allow him to return to his former team. It takes a particularly cruel person with a total lack of conscious control over his sadistic tendencies to engage in such cruelty, and such a person should be jailed and fined so heavily that they won't even be able to buy a can of dog food, much less own another dog.

He should be thrown out of football and fired by his team in shame, and permanently barred from ever participating in football or any other sport where he might come to be admired or cited as a "role model."

Any teammates found to have participated in this gross show of deliberate cruelty should be prosecuted right alongside Vick, and they, too, should lose their jobs and be forever barred from any professional sport after they have served a lengthy jail term.

Torturing animals and people is for people who are extremely sick, arrogant, asinine, and with a god-like, contemptuous attitude towards societal norms. It marks someone as mentally ill and unfit to be a "star athlete" or "President of the United States."

So here's hoping that Vick is fired in disgrace, banned from the sport of football, goes to jail for three or four years, has to pay millions in fines, has his assets seized after using them to conduct a criminal enterprise, goes broke paying lawyers, and that he dies an unnoticed and ignominious death as a pauper.

THAT is what children who would admire someone like Vick should be taught - that evil will be punished - and cruelty to sick and helpless or even vicious dogs cannot be tolerated.


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