Thursday, September 27, 2007

Democrats Fail When Republicans Wail

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It appears that the back-channel communications between the bush maladministration and Democratic presidential hopefuls has succeeded. The frontrunners for the democratic nomination are now taking the position that we may not be able to withdraw our troops from Iraq until at least 2013.

Disgusting. Hillary was out there saying she would withdraw the troops starting immediately if she was elected. This flip-flop to "no ability to get out of Iraq before 2013" indicates to me that bush is quietly convincing senators and congresspersons that America must have control of the oil in Iraq, that it is a national security imperative, and that he has no doubt reduced it to language mandating only one possible outcome: a plan which will ensure that all that oil will belong to us.

"If y'all don't continue with my plans, you'll lose control of all the oil which could easily provide a sufficient quantity of oil for another 40-50 years. And if ya do that we neocons will be happy to tell voters that democrats sabotaged a plan which would have satisfied American oil needs for decades." I can hear the pitch. I believe our democratic candidates have been convinced that this is true. I also think it is complete BS, and I'm am somewhat embarrassed that our nominee candidates fall so easily to rethug propaganda. The rethugs will hammer an issue to death, while dems buckle and turn into pools of primordial slime, unable to define issues, get solutions passed, forget that any one senator can stop an unjust piece of legislation, and don't recognize what losers they appear to be, despite the fact that 70% or more of the people are counting on democrats to restore America's greatness.

Also, this change of position was brought about rather quickly and all at once as far as the potential nominees are concerned. Why else the turnabout? Why complete flip-flops? Aren't all these frontrunners supposed to be willing to execute the will of American voters, rather than destroying our constitutional guarantees and the further debasement of basic human rights?

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At 3:52 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

"despite the fact that 70% or more of the people are counting on democrats to restore America's greatness."

That's like counting on Santa Clause to bring you your Hanukkah gifts.

At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

I do not know how to respond to this, so pardon me while I wipe the coffee off my keyboard!


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