Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Invisible Sacrifice

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I found myself pondering the past few years of my rejuvenated political life. If there is one thing I can thank our dear unelected President for it has renewed my fighting spirit and deep appreciation for true American principle.

There is simply so much to fight for and so little we can count on as unassailable. Blame the mass media and their obsession for window dressing over substance or the lack of intellectual curiosity on behalf of average Americans it still washes out the same. We have become a nation divided between the "must knows" and the "I don't want to knows." The former I count as gritty Americans who seem to possess a reawakened appreciation for the bedrock virtues of the founders. The latter group tend to be Americans in convenience only, blithely applying those magnetic flags to their vehicles and equating slogans with patriotism. Both love their country yet actions do in fact speak louder than words.

To challenge mainstream propaganda is an action. To attend a rally is an action. To question your government is not only an action it is a sacred one that goes to the core of our democratic way of life. To write letters to the editor and Congress, to speak loudly at candidate listening sessions, to fervently discuss topics with friends and relatives are all actions. I have been doing an awful lot of this stuff. This has become what many of us are now about. All thanks to a letter....."W."

Then there are those other Americans. To hammer down your opponent with rhetoric is not really patriotic. To read one page of the biggest newspaper in your area is not being informed. To 'shop' is not the only thing we are capable of as a people. To work and pay taxes is not enough. This is not honoring the contract laid before us two hundred some years ago....you know the one that includes an informed citizenry!

So we "must knows" spend much of our downtime and/or family time doing some form of action. We are not of any one particular political bent we simply want the truth and reasonable consensus to emanate from that. It is a sort of quiet sacrifice and largely invisible to newspapers, pundits and even politicians. And to those that sacrifice in this effort you have my respect.

In the end though there is something that I find to be the truth. Many of us have benefited well from life in this country. I drive by wonderful private homesteads ranging from modest to magnificent, all personal and special. I fear that we have lost the desire to "upset the applecart" for fear of what we think we have to protect. We are afraid to stand out in our communities as being anything less than conformists. We may know what needs to be said and done but are reticent to make it public. I submit that that is un-American. Principles are principles and things are just that...things. I would personally rather live in restored chicken coop with one toilet and a used couch knowing that my country will advocate strongly for my right to liberty and self determination and protection from the powerful. I would have no use for a home ,however grand, that sits on a foundation of an expendable Bill of Rights, non-existent legal representation, omnipotent chief executives and withering privacy. I will have none of that. You are all welcome in my chicken coop......what a party we can have!

So I once again will thank the almighty "W" for my renewed engagement in the American experiment and I cannot wait for his day of reckoning that will surely come. Toil on quietly and invisibly great Americans.

You are greater than you think!



At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

Beautifully stated. I'd be proud to party in that chicken coop anytime!

At 4:22 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

And he can throw a helluva party. Beer, blues and wursts to your heart's content.


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