Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Stupid Senatorial Tricks

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With great disgust I just watched the Senate pass a "non-binding" resolution calling for the partitioning of Iraq into three separate secular regions.

Isn't Iraq a sovereign country? A RESOUNDING NO would appear to be the correct answer. How 'bout if the Iraqi parliament voted to divide the United States into three regions, wouldn't the world laugh at them for being so silly? I know we Americans would.

Democratic Senator Joe Biden, introduced this non-binding resolution to the Senate which passed it 75-23. Is he just ignorant or does he realize that he has suggested a course of action that would by necessity require our troops to be bogged down in Iraq for the next thirty years? Not to mention having to destroy their sovereignty and government and replace it with one (or three) more compliant governments that will sign the PSAs, without which, bush will never withdraw from Iraq,

This indicates to me that even some democrats knew that this war has always been about OIL, not saving Iraqis from a brutal regime that, in retrospect, pales in comparison to bush and America's cruel ability to kill millions and drive millions more from their ancestral homes so that we can control the OIL. A genocide being executed by Americans.

The Lieberman-Kyl non-binding amendment also passed, urging "that we combat the influence of Iranians that are interfering in Iraq."

They just handed the keys to the kingdom to bush. By using the words "combat" Iranian influence it gives bush the perfect opportunity to declare the best way to "combat" their influence is to attack the country of Iran. They gave bush all he needs to declare war on Iran, the Republicans know it, the Democrats know it, a blind fool could see that this is an unofficial authorization for war.

When, oh when, if ever, can we reclaim our government from these idiots?

I miss the America in which I grew up. I have no idea how our Republic can survive with its current government.

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