Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Stupid Senatorial Tricks

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Ha, ha, ha, ha! Whew! THAT was a good one.

Senator David Vitter (R-Wh0remonger) standing on the Senate floor arguing against S-CHIP. I guess he'd rather see the money spent on prostitutes, eh?

Now James Inhofe (R-Willfully Ignorant) is again spouting the maladministration BS about there being "no truth and no consensus as to whether there is global warming," and claiming that barely 7% of scientists would agree that g.w. is a man-made phenomenon. He will be leading a two hour argument later to "prove" there is no g.w. at all.

Barbara Boxer challenged Inhofe to remain on the Senate floor after his speech while she spends two hours debunking every argument he makes or makes up, pointing out just how much cherry-picking of information Inhofe must do to provide a semblance, and just a semblance, of a compelling argument against global warning.

She should save her breath. A brick like Inhofe is incapable of anything but assuming opposing positions against anything which the Democrats believe. Well, that and kissing bush's a$$, right?

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