Thursday, October 18, 2007

bush struggles for relevancy: "I think I think, therefore I think I am."

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Anyone doubting whether bush really believes he is still a giant among men need only take a gander at this post at the Huffington Post titled, "bush Says He is Relevant.":
With his presidency in its final 15 months, his approval ratings at just 31 percent in the latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll and Democrats running Congress, Bush has little clout to push his own agenda through Congress.

However, he can stop the Democrats' proposals with his veto since Congress has been unable so far to override his rejection of troop withdrawal deadlines in Iraq and expanded stem cell research. The House on Thursday is expected to fail to override his veto of an expansion of a popular children's health insurance program.

Bush said his veto pen was "one way to ensure that I am relevant; that's one way to ensure that I am in the process. And I intend to use the veto."
Well, let's see if he may be correct.

Fewer and fewer people believes anything bush says. Check
The more he speaks about an issue the less people believe him. Check
Every time he says, "We don't torture," the world groans. Check
Every time bush criticizes any other world leader for injustices he could just as easily be talking about himself. Check
His approval rate of 24% makes him one of the most unpopular and disgusting presidents of all time. Check
He lied us into the Iraq War and will lie his way into attacking Iran. Check
This idiot giggles when talking about fighting WWIII. Check
His sycophants in congress and the Pentagon will sit and do nothing while bush destroys half the Middle East. Check
If China and Russia get into the fray when Iran is attacked, we will be beaten badly, even if we use nukes. Check
bush may very well stupidly order the use of nukes in the M.E. and make all that oil inaccessible due to radiation. Check
bush is responsible for killing more Iraqis than Saddam ever did. Check
bush will never leave office without having killed several tens of thousands of Iranians. Check.

So I think bush is right that the veto is ONE way for him to remain relevant, but he is selling himself short, as all the points above not only make him relevant, but the worst president ever and one of the most unjust, immoral, and amoral leaders the world has ever seen, sowing evil and destruction everywhere he goes, and being the greatest threat to world peace ever.

What an a$$.

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