Monday, October 15, 2007

Wake up, America. You're not dreaming so it's time to start screaming.

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CNN, MSBNC, Fixed Noise and other cable networks continue their now almost constant assaults on Al Gore, criticizing not only the science of global warming, but seeking by insult to diminish Mr. Gore's character.

What does this say about America and our national identity? The U.S. is no longer the most technologically advanced country in the world, our children's death rate is higher than most industrial nations, Americans are sicker than ever before and have no universal health care as most industrialized countries do, an American's life span is nowhere near the longest, our educational system is a disgrace, the subprime lending market that flourished before is now collapsing under its own weight and threatening the world's economy, the value of the dollar is dropping like a stone, prompting many countries to consider dumping the dollar and using a more stable currency to buttress their own economies, "runs" on banks are beginning to shut down some banks altogether and forcing other banks to artificially prop up their competitors to stop panic and give some stability to the financial markets.

Yet despite our crushing ten trillion dollar debt, lack of health insurance for the least among us, our starting wars we cannot win but are continuing against the wishes of a vast majority of Americans, having broken our military to the point that it may take a generation or more to fix, and every supposedly serious news outlets skip right over the dire straits in which we now find ourselves and apparently feel denigrating Al Gore and his accomplishments is the more important story to be covered.

This is such bogus nonsense. But it does illustrate why America and Americans garner so little respect from the rest of the world and secures America's reputation for being the greatest threat to world peace and bush's well-deserved labeling as the most dangerous world leader. I think bush is rated just above the military junta ruling Burma which is pitiable and pitiful.

Can't our leaders and press just feel ordinary pride for an American winning such a prestigious award instead of engaging in character assassination and refuting the well-established science that global warming is real and that man is destroying this planet?

I know, that's a rhetorical question given todays vituperative, sycophantic press that acts only as a puppet for bush propaganda with far too few exceptions.

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At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

amen. well said.


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