Sunday, October 14, 2007

Would that our government had some class

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I use an Apple iBook computer for writing as years ago I thought it was stupid to have to learn a new language (MS-DOS) in order to type a letter or something. As a result, when I boot my computer I get the standard Apple start-up screen, and I thought I would share with you the text they posted next to a picture of Al Gore:
Al has put his heart and soul, and much of his life during the last several years, into alerting and educating us all on the climate crisis. We are bursting with pride for Al and this historic recognition of his global contributions.
The White House spokesman Tony bRatto issued a statement saying, "Of course we're very happy for Mr. Gore" with no further elaboration. The Republican/GOP smear, smash, and destroy screamingly stupid talking heads have attacked Al with unrelenting criticism, spouting the same old tired lies over and over again, practically non-stop.

I agree with Apple. Al Gore has done more to make me feel proud of being an American than bush and his criminal syndicate would or could ever be capable of, now or in the future.

I guess that's just the difference between real men like Al Gore and the cowardly chickenhawks running our government.

No wonder Al scares them spitless.

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