Sunday, November 04, 2007

Candidate that talks some sense vs nonsense

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Watching Senator Chris Dodd on CNN I noted he speaks with authority, commonsense, and intelligence. In speaking of Pakistan he points out that instead of diverting our resources to Iraq, had we remained in Afghanistan, it is possible that Pakistan would have remained a state with a constitution in place, a democracy, and be a better partner in the fight against terrorism, instead of it now of being a failed state under martial law and with its constitution suspended.

I have to say I'm in full agreement with that, as attacking Iraq has so buried us in debt, broken our military, and created so many problems we may never be able to recover. Especially if bush carries through with his mad desire to attack Iran, instead of refocusing attention on Pakistan.

When, and at this point I think we're well past "if", Pakistan fails completely it will deliver the nuclear weapons it possesses into the hands of terrorists. If bush were genuinely interested in stopping nuclear proliferation (which we all know he is not), and keeping nukes out of terrorists hands, Pakistan is the place where those efforts should be centered.

Senator Dodd recognizes this and seems to be the only candidate addressing this issue, though my knowledge in this area may be deficient, as I don't watch dog and pony show debates.

Fred Thompson, by contrast, feels that Musharraf knows Pakistan best and its too early to yet be alarmed or pass judgment on what's happening there. Absolute gibberish.

So here we are, Pakistan going down the tubes with the nuclear technology with which we supplied them and the F-16s that the U.S. modified especially to carry nuclear bombs. But bush will attack Iran rather than help an "ally".

Nothing to see here, keep moving, after all, it's not like Pakistan is strategically located or anything, or that India may decide to bomb Pakistan while it barely stands as a state to prevent its nukes from falling into the wrong hands.

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