Monday, December 10, 2007

Random Thought

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My mom was just diagnosed with celiac disease. She’s been pissing an moaning for years that she didn’t feel right. Her stomach was this, her side felt that, her blood was always ‘thin’ blah blah blah. We all just blamed it on the fact that she was a vegetarian and she should just eat some meat already. Turns out, funny thing, she has celiac disease which explains every single symptom she’s ever had. (Yes, yes. Crow is just delicious.)

So fine. She has it. She’ll never be able to eat wheat or anything with gluten in it again. She’ll survive. It’ll be a trick because she’s Italian and what do Italians eat but pasta, but she’ll be fine, and she’ll be around for many more years, continuing to tell me that my hair would look better at any other length than what it actually is. I guess that if you’re going to have some weird disease, while this one is an inconvenience, it is very manageable.

But it got me to thinking: what kind of human being can’t eat bread?

I mean, bread is the stuff of life. For centuries, humans have been eating bread and growing wheat. Our entire human society has been based upon agriculture and bread. Which leads me to my random thought: maybe people with celiac disease have a little alien in their DNA. How else can you explain a genetic aversion to one of the things that makes us most human?



At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

Please convey my best wishes to your Mom.


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