Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I don’t usually post stuff like this

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because it's the holidays and I'm against buying much of anything, but if you must...

My boss' 4-year-old kid is sick with the WORST cancer you can imagine. (She has a blog you can read if you can stand it. It's heartbreaking.) But, I only mention it because there's a fundraising thing the parents of kids who have this particular kind of cancer (neuroblastoma) are doing. From the band of parents website:
Cookies for Kids’ Cancer
A gift that tastes as good as it feels to give.

Give all the kids fighting neuroblastoma today, and those
who will be so unfairly chosen to fight tomorrow, the hope
all children deserve.

The Band of Parents invites you to be a part of our holiday fundraiser and to give new hope to children fighting cancer! This holiday, give freshly-baked cookies made using recipes from the recently published cookbook, Cookies, by acclaimed cookbook author Sally Sampson.
I figure it's a great gift, it's a worthy cause and it gets you out of having to bake all those gift cookies.



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