Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The worst, most egotistical, biggest liar that ever ran a country.

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I refer, of course, to george w. bush, just recently exposed again as a self-serving, war and fear-mongering liar of the worst kind: a world leader that will lie to his countrymen and the world without compunction and, worst yet, take his country to war illegally based upon those lies.

I would suggest to bush (if I gave a $hit about him) that in light of this further evidence of his perfidy and his perverse propensity to tell ever more desperate lies to bolster his fancied status of "Commander Guy" that the game is over at last for him. Any person with even a tiny bit less chutzpah than bush would have already have resigned for the good of the country and to spare us all the shame of his continued leadership and ever-continuing lies.

I cannot imagine any other world leaders coming out to say, "Well, sure he lies a lot, but he's the President of the United States and everyone knows what backwards, ill-informed, law-breaking, self-centered, barbaric buffoons Americans are. They willingly follow this prevaricator despite having evidence of his lying ways presented to them in black and white, instead of impeaching the proven liar and replacing him with a true leader of honesty, integrity, and one who takes care of his fellow citizens rather than pursuing American imperial hegemony at a hugh cost to America and the world." (The English did run a newspaper headline asking how 54 million Americans could be so dumb as to reelect bush. How prescient.)

Come to think of it, I can't recall a single world leader coming out in the last few days to vouchsafe the integrity, honesty, or truthfulness of the U.S. president. I think this resounding silence from other world leaders speaks volumes as to how the world feels about this new revelation.

And in the meantime bush will continue to do that which he does best: continue to lie shamelessly and embarrass America before the entire world. Small wonder America has come to be known as the single greatest threat to peace.

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