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A brief thought about massacres and the flaws in our system…

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Let me first say that, as a former law enforcement officer, I have no sympathy for the latest jerkoff wanting to be "famous", that Hawkins kid, but it is a crying shame he didn't have the decency to just "off" himself and not inflict pain and misery on so many families that did not deserve it. I don't even really have much sympathy for Hawkins family who, knowing the kid had bounced from home to home with no stability in living conditions or mental capacity, allowed him to possess or even have access to an assault rifle with which he killed so many.

What I do care about is the breakdown of both the educational systems and society in expressing and teaching the right lessons to people like these.

First: Our educational system taught this kid nothing, as he knew (or stated) that, "Now I will be famous…" which clearly shows that no one ever taught him the difference between being "famous" and admired, or being "infamous" and subject to derision, contempt, and vilification.

Second: Our public information systems, the MSM, by glorifying (In the eyes of sick people of this ilk) acts such as these with non-stop coverage of the horrors experienced by the victims, playing the frantic 911 calls, showing the crying, panicked people fleeing the scene, the endless interviews with the perp's neighbors and friends, and having pundit after pundit to endlessly wax pontific about these events does indeed teach these deranged individuals that they will be "famous" after they have committed such a horrific crime.

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt had it right: when someone so fell from grace or committed some horrible act the command would go forth to scrub that persons name from every edifice, every papyrus, every wall or tapestry, or anywhere else it might have been written, and the public commanded to never speak the name again.

So here, it might have helped if Hawkins had not seen past such horrors receive so much attention, it might have helped if he knew that, rather than be famous, the headline would read, "Misguided or mentally ill person attacks shoppers" without ever mentioning his name, his cause, or his suicide letters, and it would help if the MSM reported the story once, briefly, expressing nothing but contempt for the actions of such an infamous person.

Not likely to happen, I know, but I do truly believe there would not be so many events such as these if the "glorification" were to stop.

I'm just as sure that it would be helpful to stop the BS of cheapening life by conducting illegal wars, torturing people, kidnapping them for torture, committing genocide in the name of the American government and its people, and having the country being run by one of the most vicious killers in the world, george w. bush, who is STILL ready to nuke iran and kill millions more Muslims to satisfy his fantasies or ego.

Just a thought.

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