Friday, December 28, 2007

This doesn't pass the smell test…

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First Former Prime Minister Bhutto died of gunshot wounds, then from shrapnel from an explosive device, now the new claim is that she simply broke her neck trying to duck back into her vehicle. A freak accident.

Now there has been another mysterious phone call "intercept" with al-Qaede members and the Taleban allegedly congratulating themselves for a successful assassination, which is bizarre since the government is saying the death was accidental and not an assassination at all.

I can just hear bush and the Big Dick hammering Musharraf to death with, "Blame it on al-Qaede! Blame it on al-Qaede! And the Teleban, too!" while making frantic plans to invade Pakistan, not to expand the American Empire of course, but for the noble purpose of securing Pakistan's nuclear weapons and saving the people of Pakistan, just as he saved the people of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Might not that have been the plan from the moment Bhutto returned to the country? It certainly would not be the first (or last) extra-judicial execution ordered by bush.

But true to form, bush will expect Americans to consume whatever pabulum (or propaganda) he dishes out. This is gonna get really weird.

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At 10:49 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

It's gunshots, uh I mean shrapnel, I mean she broke her own neck, that's it, that's the ticket, she broke her own neck and we just happened to bury her before an autopsy, yeah, that's the ticket.


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