Monday, December 03, 2007

What new lies are there to tell now?

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A new U.S. intelligence report has just revealed that Iran GAVE UP its nuclear program back in 2003 - oh, my, how very embarrassing for the bush maladministration chickenhawks just itchin' to nuke Iran.

The administration is already going into full-blown damage control to attempt minimizing this report and claim that Iran remains as dangerous as it ever was, which, awkwardly enough probably is the real truth of the matter: Iran never at any time ever posed a threat to America, so an entire new universe of lies must be created to maintain the administration's delusion that Iran is more dangerous than ever.

When bush attacked Iraq for its oil I felt an element of the old Muhammad Ali "rope a dope" strategy was present all along, and I was proven right when there were no WMDs of any kind discovered in Iraq. Saddam suckered a willing fool in bush and America has payed dearly for it.

It now appears that Iran, too, has been using the same old strategy of refusing to alter their peaceful nuclear program, while canceling its weapons program (if it ever had one), so that when America attacks Iran, all the world will see is an arrogant neocon cowboy attacking yet another Muslim country without a smidgen of evidence that they posed a threat to America or anyone else.

Just because bush is so ignorant that he is easily fooled by wily desert warriors doesn't mean that the 'enemies' bush imagines we have are not smart enough to bog down America in one or more wars we cannot win, but that will exhaust our treasury, destroy our military, and leave America defenseless before a true superpower like Russia or China should they tire of American hegemony and decide to just wipe America off the map.

Good job, neocons. Freely use American military might 'til none is left to defend America after making the entire world our enemy. And remember, even NOW America does not have a single combat-ready brigade anywhere in America, so the first half of the plan is already "mission accomplished."

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