Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A day in our financial life…

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…woke up, got out a bed, turned on the TV set with dread,
Hadn't even made it to the coffeepot, when on came CNNs financial spot,
Grabbed a cup and sat right down, listened to people of financial renown,
They spoke of a lowering the interest rate, I listened well to hear our new fate.
The markets worldwide continue to tank, turns out that our currency still stank.
I heard the news today, oh boy, it sucked a lot worse than a broken toy,
Then came the worst news of all, the Republicans claim they'll stop this free fall!
'though it was Republicans that caused the fall, they assure us that they can cure it all,
They want to lower taxes again, and slow the rate at which for years they spent it all.
As always the poor will suffer most, and all because of Ronald Reagan's ghost.

(h/t The Beatles, A Day in the Life )

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