Friday, January 04, 2008

Huckabee? Really?

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(I feel the need to discuss the GOP end of it because I’m sure The Sailor and Bill will talk about the DEM side.)

Not that I ever had much respect for the Iowa caucus. I mean, how the hell did a bunch of white, middle-class, majorly evangelical -- and did I mention WHITE? -- people come to be the king makers in our so-called electoral process?

But Huckabee? Dumb is dumb, but really dumb is just, well, REALLY dumb. Huckabee is a religio-crazy. A REAL one. Not a faux one like Bush. What the hell are those people thinking? Maybe their brains just spend too much time in the deep freeze.

And one brief comment on the DEM side of things: Obama? Who the hell is THAT guy? A one-term senator? From the midwest? Who has the most milquetoast personality I’ve ever observed? (Though, I do like that Hillary came in third. Can’t stand her.)

There’s only a few explanations for what went on last night. It could be that Iowans are seriously mentally deficient, or at least the ones that attended the caucus were. It could be that the vote counters did their dirty work. That’s always a possibility. It also could be that Iowans are such brainwashed drones that they believe everything they see and hear from MSM and are therefore completely incapable of critical thinking. Or a combination of any or all of those possibilities.

Everybody knows that the GOP candidates are all dismal, save Ron Paul. He’s different. I like him mostly because he makes people nervous. (Check out the press coverage. Count how many times he's mentioned. They're still mentioning Giuliani though, aren't they. On top of that, McCain and Paul are neck-and-neck. There's only a 1.4% difference in vote totals between them.) Ghoul-iani. I mean, he’s a godammed idiot. McCain? He’s got the spine of a jelly fish. Romney is very nearly richer than god AND, let’s face it, he’s a mormon. In my book, that’s one step away from scientology. And Huckabee.? He’s a total freak and his son tortures animals. That just doesn’t bode well.

But in the end, it really doesn’t matter does it. They’re all establishment. They’re all part of a system that has done nothing but screw with us. They’re all part of the problem. Maybe even Dr. Paul. So whomever wins whatever, either by hook or by crook — most likely crook — it doesn’t matter. The system will continue to thwart the blossoming of our humanity.

Update: According to this site, Paul is 3% behind McCain. Still, not a lot. And I forgot to mention Uncle Fred. But his 3rd place finish only reinforces my initial statement that the folks in Iowa aren't 'all there'.

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At 8:38 AM, Anonymous (: Tom :) said...

Everybody knows that the GOP candidates are all dismal, save Ron Paul. He’s different. I like him mostly because he makes people nervous.


I don't like him, mainly because he's anti-choice, racist, has a policy of fiscal insanity, and would destroy Medicaire/Medicaid and Social Security. He's almost as scary as the Huckster to me in terms of his being able to unite the Reich wingnuts enough so that they can get close enough in the voting to steal the election again.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

He's not anti-choice. He's just not for the federal government calling that shot. I agree with his reasoning, I'm not crazy about the stance.

He's not a racist. He opposes things like the civil rights law on a constitutional basis, not on a racial basis. For him, the civil rights law violated property rights. Simple. He believes there are other ways to get the same results that the civil rights bill did and NOT violate the constitution.

Is it fiscal insanity to want to stop wasting money on overseas entanglements that really only piss people off anyway? To get rid of the federal reserve which is run by private bankers for profit? To end an unconstitutional income tax that is merely collected so that the government can pay the INTEREST on the money the fed LOANS to the US? What's nuts about any of that?

And he would not destroy medicare/medicaid or Social Security. Unless Congress turned 60% republican, there's no way he could do such things so relax.

Honestly, stop reading what the MSM says about the guy and start thinking for yourself.

I'm not a Ron Paul advocate. I don't run around yelling "Ron Paul! Ron Paul!" But I do see the man's value in our political discourse. And believe me, he really dumbs it down for mass consumption. His positions are solid and I really wish I could see him speak at full force.

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous (: Tom :) said...

Honestly - I have looked at his web site, and reviewed his positions. I take offense to your statement

Honestly, stop reading what the MSM says about the guy and start thinking for yourself.

because I didn't say anything until after I had done that. I have no use for the MSM and do not rely on them for unverified information of any kind. And I didn't think my statement was in any way attacking you or your opinion - just expressed mine. Which is why I think the hostile tone I detect in your response is unjustified and uncalled for. Especially for those who are supposedly on the same side of the issues. Can't we all just get along?

You say he's not anti-choice. I say his state's rights position would create many many states where abortion is illegal. If you look at his rhetoric, he is very christian and anti-choice personally. I didn't really want to mention all of that 'women should submit to their husbands' stuff, but I have seen that, too. I don't agree with his reasoning and I am concerned that, if implemented, it will create areas in the country where women will be forced to bear children whether they want to or not.

If he's not racist, why are racist organizations promoting him and donating to his candidacy? And why does he keep that money when he gets it?

At 2:13 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

Sorry I was so brusk. But when I saw your comment, I had just read a bunch of comments just like it over at huffington and I was thoroughly annoyed. It just sounded like the same old unsubstantiated crap. I get so tired of people saying "ron paul is scary and his supporters are even scarier"

give me a break.

I'm the first to admit that the man's not perfect. I don't like some of the stuff he espouses, especially 'let the market take care of it' stuff. but no candidate could totally represent any one person completely. I'm just really feeling like we have to do triage here and the other dumbos who are running aren't about to do anything but maintain the disgusting and dysfunctional status quo.

I don't like the fact that he'd relegate abortion to the states. I said i understood his stance from a constitutional perspective, but that i didn't like it.

As far as the racist organizations supporting him, I heard his response to that. Basically, he said that he's keeping the money, not because he supports what the guy stands for, but because he'd rather spend it on HIS campaign's message of peace and not have the racists guy use the money to spread his hateful racist message.

Seemed pretty common sense to me.

I appreciate your comments and I'll try not to reply just after I've thrown my coffee mug against the wall.


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