Thursday, January 03, 2008

UPDATE: The envelope, please…

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In the below post of this title, I speculated how long it would take to count the three trillion dollars Americans are going to lose in home equity during the next two to three years.

I said 9,600 based upon something I read saying it would take 32 years to count to ONE BILLION dollars, and in a flash of cognizance last night, I realized that I was wrong.

32 x 1000 x 3 would, of course, total 96,000 years, not 9,600. I slipped a gear again.

I wish I could just say math had never been my strong suite, but that wouldn't be true, as I was once in a program for gifted and talented children in Florida and did Algebra 1 & 2 in the fifth and sixth grades respectively.

That was way before Agent Orange graced me with two very, very near fatal cancers, followed by years of chronic pain and a complete breakdown that robbed me of several large pieces of my mind, memories I will never recover, and gave me a life consigned to taking lots and lots of medications that do help, but can't put my mind back together again, kinda like good ole Humpty-Dumpty, etc. Far better still than the alternative though, death, about which I cannot speak of from personal experience thankfully.

So sometimes I err in ways a schoolchild would not and I do apologize for it. I do NOT wish for anyone's sympathy, but I would like our readers to know that I'm not completely stupid, and that the stupid part of me was sponsored by the U.S. Government.

So there you have it. (And that's still a very long time to spend counting money.)



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