Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last night's Michigan primary

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For the dems, it was a non-primary. Only Hillary and Kucinich had their names on the ballot due to Michigan being very naughty and leapfrogging a bunch of states' primary dates in an effort to be relevant. On the GOP side, Mitt "it ain't torture unless you admit to it" Romney and John "get your war on" McCain were the top two. Mike "evolution is for sinners" Huckabee came in third. Of course, the coverage I've seen talks about those three assumed front runners. What isn't mentioned though is that Ron Paul got more votes than Uncle Fred and Giuliani combined. Yes, it was fourth place. Yes, it was 6% of the vote. But considering that he gets practically no coverage. Considering that when he is covered, he's called a kook or a long shot. And also considering that when Uncle Fred and Giuliani are covered, they actually get to have some of their points covered. I think it wasn't a horrible showing. Think of it this way, if Giuliani was the long shot, had an internet fundraising machine like Ron Paul, had passionate supporters like Ron Paul and Giuliani had gotten fourth place ahead of two other supposed front runners? What would that coverage look like?
Good Morning Meridith.
Good Morning Matt. How about that primary yesterday?
Yeah, the expected guys placed well, but what about that Giuliani? With each primary, he's managed to move up one notch and yesterday, he left two of his opponents in the dust.
I know! This could turn into an interesting race. It will be interesting to see how he does in South Carolina. Let's see how his stance on the issues resonates with the voters there. Anne?
You get the picture.

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