Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Relax everyone, our economy is in great shape…

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Like many Americans, and almost like a person of affluence, I am lucky enough to live in an area of the country that has pretty good broadband and a device without which I'm not sure I'd ever watch TV again, a Digital Video Recorder.

I record lots of stuff my wife and I like so we can time-shift it for viewing when my wife gets home from work, and for some reason, as I scrolled through the menu I realized we had not yet viewed Bill Maher's Real Time program on HBO. Wanting to correct this ASAP I started the program and was disappointed that Tony "Blow Me" Snow, former chief presidential town crier/liar for Bushco who did (and here I'm serious - really) suffer through the ravages of cancer. Looked fairly well, he did, and I hope he never has a recurrence. I know if I ever have a relapse from the Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, one of the two cancers I had caused by Agent Orange, I'm certain to become dead meat, a status I wouldn't wish on anyone, so I wish him the best in that regard. Genuinely. Nothing funny about cancer say I.

But what killed me about his appearance was that when the conversation turned to the country's finances, right there in front of god (if there is one) and everybody, with his bare face hanging out, Tony actually attempted to repeat the Republican mantra of, "The economy is good. The economy is strong," and then to top it off and prove to the rest of the panel his rightness, "Look at the record numbers of homeowners we have now." As I gagged the rest of the guests and Bill erupted, with Catherine Crier immediately telling Tony to look at the record numbers of foreclosures and note the record numbers of people who will be losing those homes - soon.

I mention this only as a yet another example of Republicans who lie just for the sake of lying without regard to anything that proves them to be lying liars.

Why can't we Democrats get on board with a similar strategy except make it telling the truth so often that the truth might become the "conventional wisdom" and keep repeating the truth until everyone with half a brain knows what the truth is? Those GOPers are always on message and repeat lies until they are accepted as truth despite empirical evidence that almost every word they speak is a propagandist lie told to keep power at any cost and get you to buy their garbage.

Why don't we have our candidates out there everyday telling the world that America has suffered the governance of a madman for the last eight years, the economy is a collapse happening in slow motion, and get on message to the 75-79% of Americans who already want a Democrat elected and want anybody but a Bush-lite Republican in the White House?

Why does every speech have to be about 10-point plans, incentive packages, more money for schools and education, expanded insurance coverage that still will leave millions uninsured, continuing the Iraq War (and the Iranian War), if bushco gets its way, and crushing deficits it'll take us half a century or more to pay off? A deficit that will prevent implementation of all the goody-goody ideas being propagated with no recognition of how dire our financial status really is, and how dangerous.

In my opinion that would not be going "negative" and continuing the "politics of personal destruction," but would instead be leveling with the public. Point out every bad arms sale, preemptive war, the GOP march to eternal war to steal oil instead of spending our money to provide an alternative fuel, point out the deficit and hammer into the heads of voters who is responsible for the mess in which we find ourselves, and name the names, times, dates, and manner in which they raped and pillaged this country.

And lordy, it is plain to our citizens that bush is the worst president ever in American history, and I believe they would appreciate a candidate that stops listening to Democrats and Republicans bash the other party's stand on amorphous messages that depend on a suspension of belief to keep from regurgitating after every speech or debate.

But not enough has been done to identify all the actors in this tragicomedy by name, rank, and serial number to expose them for who they are and just what role they have played in our impending demise.

IT'S NOT NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNING TO TELL THE COUNTRY THE TRUTH, and keep repeating it until it finally displaces this phony conventional wisdom with the real truth as to the dangers facing our country, not from terrorists, but from domestic thieves who spout platitudes and deliver nothing. This includes democrats whom are afraid to undertake such a course of action for fear of being "labeled" this or that by a party that has undeniably proven that it cannot govern their own corrupt party, much less America.

That is the very trap into which our Democratic candidates have fallen and can't get up, and while they make their rounds NOT telling the truth that America is dying and on life-support, they are all accomplices in this great thing called a "democracy" that is being strangled in the crib, and all their mutual admiration societies seeking "comity" with one another, and standing side-by-side while our country dies or suffers years of another Great Depression.

For when all is said and done, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is not a vice." Let's get the good extremism going now before the bad extremism rules forever."

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