Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Despite David Brooks, responsible media still "wowed" by Obama

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See this from the WaPo in contrast to Brook's nonsense about Obama crashing and burning, titled"Obama Wave Stuns Clinton's Black Supporters"
You can see the confusion on some of their faces, hear the concern in their voices. How in the world do we deal with this?

Hillary Clinton's black supporters -- especially the most prominent ones -- hadn't expected their candidate to be in a dogfight right now. They thought Barack Obama was an election cycle or two away from being serious presidential timber. They thought Bill Clinton's presidency and the close relationships the Clintons had forged with African Americans would translate into goo-gobs of votes in '08. They were wrong.

Remember all the commentator chatter last summer: Is Barack Obama black enough?

Well, he's black enough now.

Obama has swamped Clinton among black voters in each of the 20 contests that had exit polls and large enough samples of African Americans to be meaningful. Just to put that kind of shutout in perspective, black voters represent the only demographic group that the New York senator has not carried at least once during the Democratic primary campaign. Obama now has such a lock on the loyalties of African Americans -- 84 percent of the black vote in Alabama, 87 percent in Georgia, 84 percent in Maryland, and on and on -- that the black vote is no longer contestable.
I guess the WaPo has better thems, thoses, and other sources than David Brooks.

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