Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here's a funny one for ya…

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…at a campaign event John McCain had some guy, Bill Cuunningham, out on stage howling' maniacally about how "Barrack Hussein Obama" would be stripped of all semblance of dignity and exposed as just another "hack Chicago-style Daley politician" as the GOP exposes crooked land deals, misusing his position elsewhere to enrich himself, and more in a really offensive rant that had McCain running out on stage, seizing the microphone in embarrassment, and desperately trying to "disavow" those words spoken against Obama.

Hysterically funny that McCain would send out a surrogate to label Obama a hack politician. Isn't a hack politician one that has changed every position he supposedly ever believed in just to pander for votes by flip-flopping?

But alleging Obama is a thief, a scoundrel abusing his position to personally enrich himself, well, that's beyond the pale, and McCain's "…got a lot of 'splainin'" to do to try and disassociate himself from Cunningham's outrageous and thoroughly specious speech.

Is that why the GOP loves NASCAR, just so someone can drop the flag and yell, "Gentlemen, start your big mouths and let the slandering begin!"?

McCain's rally, McCain's speaker of choice, McCain the totally unprincipled jerk? Sounds right to me.

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