Monday, March 10, 2008

In the "I told you so!" category today…

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…John McCain has ALREADY worked a line into his stump speeches about how Americans would rather have him answering that "ringing phone at three o'clock in the morning" instead of Hillary, whom I guess he believes is the putative Democratic Party nominee for president (SEE: two sections down "W-A-A-A-A-A-A-H!" posting.) If Obama wins he will just keep running Hillary's words over and over, saying, "See. Even the Democrats don't trust Obama to keep us safe."

I really believe the Democratic Party should ask Hillary to drop her campaign, go back to the Senate, and stay there until she learns not to screw Democratic candidates and give free love and comfort to the enemy.

Shrewd, vicious, calculating, conniving, sneaky, low-down, dirty, underhanded, ridiculously awful campaigner Hillary should be gone from this race already and never be allowed to run again, eh?

(You've probably figured out that I, for one, am pretty pissed off about this. The LAST thing we need is for a Democrat to be singing the praises of John McLame.)

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