Friday, March 07, 2008

Here's the "see we were right" part of the process

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After months of deafening silence regarding Ron Paul's candidacy, now, MSM will do a story on him because McCain has the magic number of delegates and Paul has conceded that he can't win.

Paul, who held on to his Texas congressional seat on Tuesday, became an Internet money machine, with his supporters raising far more money for him than several better-known candidates. He also won quite a bit of attention during debates as the only Republican candidate opposed to the Iraq war.

But Paul's campaign failed to translate that success and notoriety into votes, only reaching double digits in a couple of contests.
Once again, another one of the media's self-fulfilling prophecies has come true.

Though, honestly, he didn't say he was quitting the race, he just said he couldn't win by conventional means. He's not removing his name from any ballots. So, at least folks who want to vote for someone OTHER than McCain still can. Though, do they continue to have primaries if there's one candidate with enough delegates to win the nomination? Hmmmmm.

Whatever. Point is, if MSM marginalizes you, you don't have a prayer.

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