Thursday, March 13, 2008

I really must ponder if Geraldine was always a blunder…

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Did Geraldine think it wasn't herself,
But her sex that made her top shelf?
In her run for the spot of V.P.
Was it based upon a lie told she?
Is it Obama she blames or is it herself?

I sense a great deal of hypocrisy
For people who say "Race doesn't matter to me"
While simultaneously suppressing a hidden rage
Bespeaking the fact that racial prejudice is still not in a cage,
A distinction without a difference to most who see.

I admit I cannot know all and explain it to thee,
I can only comment on the things that I see,
It makes me feel woefully inadequate
Afraid that you won't recognize that.
And for that the blame falls to me.

Words I know I may never speak
For they would give you a peek,
At the processes of my mind
Which are usually not very kind,
Insanity is often not for the meek.

And there's no question that my mind is gone,
Blown, decimated, isolated and all alone,
But at least I don't question the legitimacy
Of the thoughts I feel racing through me
Or deny that for me they set the tone.

NOTE: There are many occasions, more now than ever, when my mind refuses to cooperate with me and write something lucid. The failing is surely mine, as I often cannot control my mind when the stresses through which I have survived surface whether or not I believe I'm in control of my id, would it be different if my name was Sid?

I THINK that was a rhetorical question, one with no answer offering no redemption. You decide, I am not the captain of my soul, I'm merely its noisiest passenger and just along for the ride. (H/t to Aldous Huxley)

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