Sunday, March 09, 2008

"W-a-a-a-a-a-a-h! I wanna be pwesident and if I can't…

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…I would wather have a wepublican in the White House!" Hillary exclaimed, stamping her widdle…little foot while tears streamed down her face in a petulant, petty, ugly display of vile intemperance.

"I have expewience wit de fence! John Insane McCain has experiwence wit de fence! Bawwak Obama doesn't have no experiwence wit the de fence! He acts wike a gwown-up and that's not faiwa!" she cried.

"It's not faiwa that I have to pwove anything! It's my turn to be pwesident and Bawwak needs to sit down befowre I weally, weally, get mad and if I don't get my way I will go campaign for Mr. McCain! W-A-A-A-A-A-A-H! W-A-A-A-A-A-A-H!" she wept.

Although this is not exactly how she phrased her support for John Insane McCain, the fact remains that she endorsed the enemy and indirectly DIRECTLY endorsed McCain as having the superior acumen in defense and intimating, therefore, that he would make a better pw president than Barrack Obama.

Talk about selling out the party! I have always said that I hope she is not our nominee, especially now that she has done everything she can do to undercut her competition in a manner most foul. She could not find it within herself to keep her loyalties with the Democratic Party. And we wonder why Democratic candidates keep losing elections!

No, she feels such a sense of entitlement to the office of president that she shoved a knife right into Obama's back. If this doesn't function to immediate disqualify her in future primaries and caucuses, and she is our nominee, all people will remember (with the help of every Republican on the planet) is that Hillary said a Republican like John McCain has the experience to be president, EVEN IF SHE WINS THE NOMINATION!

And if Barrack wins the nomination we will, every ten seconds or so, see a GOP sponsored commercial showing Hillary repeating endlessly those words, "…John McCain has experience in defense, while Obama doesn't…"

I always knew there was something I didn't like about Hillary, acknowledging the fact that I hate the idea of "political dynasty families," i.e., bush/Clinton/bush/Clinton, as I don't now nor will I ever believe it serves the interest of the country, but when Hillary made her disgusting comments, showing what a spoiler she will be if she doesn't win the nomination, well, that settled it for me.

What a bad sport and horrible dispensation to win even if she has to f*ck over the Democratic Party to do it.

If Hillary wins the nomination my family, extended family, and I WILL NEVER VOTE DEMOCRATIC AGAIN and instead will either vote Nader or maybe even McCain. How could I trust Hillary to lead the country now that I know FOR SURE what a total ass is she?

After all, John McCain has the experience to protect America. I have that on the highest authority.

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