Saturday, March 08, 2008

They're here...

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Here's Saturday diversion for you. I found this extremely cool video where you can hear a sound clip of some wild "music" recorded by Cassini out near Saturn's rings.

(Here's the original NASA sound file)
And then I remembered reading this:

...those objects are massive OVNIS (UFOs) photographed by Cassini near Saturn, and put under wraps by NASA. One of the objects is Earth sized and one over 50,000 Km in length (Four times Earth’s diameter!)
And recently, on the weird wide web, there's been a lot of hullabaloo about some secret UN meeting about alien contact.
Indeed! There is definitely a movement afoot to bring the public "up to speed" consciously, regarding "unambiguous" contact between the world's populace and extraterrestrials. The point most people are missing is that a meeting at the UN had occurred regarding the recent UFO flap worldwide.
So it makes one wonder, what with all these systematic little leaking of information, what's really going on, doesn't it?

Update: This is my favorite about about this stupid stuff. That UN meeting that so many picked up on that supposedly happened didn't happen. The internet is a wild and wacky place. While I don't believe everything I read, I am entertained by most of it.

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