Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Most Asinine Headline: "Richard Cohen: Is Hillary Clinton Honest?"

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This comes from the NYT and prompts me to ask Cohen some questions:

Are you honest or do you just try and play honest for a newspaper? And when you do try honesty, does it still fail to get you the attention you seek? Did you appoint yourself supreme judge of all that is righteous and good, or are you just stupid enough to think others accept you at face value? And did you known that your face value is far less than zero? Do you seriously believe that anyone outside your immediate family believes anything you say, and that even they laugh at you behind your back?

Have you stopped beating your wife? Stopped hitting your kids? Stopped kicking the dog? Stopped coming in like a drunken sop every night?

Are you still smoking an ounce of crack everyday? Stopped snorting crank/pcp speedballs? Woken up in many alleys with strange men standing over you making odd requests?

So you're the self-arrogated questioner of another's honesty? Do you know Hillary? Lifelong friend are you? Smug enough in your arrogance that you don't know that there are thousands of people daily that ask if you are just an arrogant jerk or an ignorant and judgmental fool?

For even a single heartbeat you believe John McLame is more honest than Hillary? Have ya really sunk so low, bunky?

Are you tired of rhetorical questions that impugn your character without having to provide any proof whatever?

Just wondering.

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At 10:37 AM, Blogger Vigilante said...

Andrew Sullivan sums HRC up best:

The Worst Of All Worlds For The Dems

But here's what she does have: total shamelessness, and an absolute belief that she is the rightful nominee. Shamelessness: the appropriation of the message and even the words of her opponent; the portrayal of one of the most privileged and advantaged candidates in memory as an insurgent underdog; the eager embrace of the tactics - and message! - of the Rove right if it could help in any way; the picture of a candidate who saw a 20 - 25 point lead dissipate into single figures as a candidate for momentum. What sustains her is this deep, deep sense of entitlement and an absolute refusal to let the next generation take over. She will take this to the last day of the convention if necessary.

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Bill said...

I mourn for our country.


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