Thursday, April 24, 2008

No need to cheer, food rationing is finally here…

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…which alone should be enough to clue us in that we need to change our ways now that we are a third rate, third world banana republic with no bananas.

Isn't this just another sign on our highway to hell for being such war pigs?

And if the new war pig elected doesn't renounce war and start using all that additional money for the good of mankind instead of conducting genocide to steal oil resources, it will get worse to the point that the only two TRUE superpowers, Russia and China, will eventually either attack and defeat us militarily or break us completely by dropping the dollar as a stable currency upon which the world used to rely. The resultant run on the banks would wipe us out financially.

Maybe Russia or China will put into place better policies that would produce a better life for Americans. At least we could petition them for government aid.

People really don't see any parallels between Russia losing almost everything from over-the-top spending on defense and war-making during the Cold War and where America is now?

NOTE 4-27-08: When I wrote this I guess I 'assumed' that everyone would be aware that Costco and other warehouse stores were rationing rice, limiting customers to only two 20-lb. bags of rice per customer. I have since realized that this post might not make sense if you were not aware of that fact. I apologize for any confusion, but when one of the world's main staples in food runs short, it is time to start worrying.

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